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Inside The Brixton, Rolling Into Cow Hollow Today

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[Photo: Misha Vladimirskiy]

The Brixton, from Hugo Gamboa and Andy Wasserman (Mas Sake, Impala) and Adam Snyder (Taverna Aventine, Ambassador) has officially opened in Cow Hollow, complete with the promised rock n' roll regalia, trendy cocktail menu and a people-pleasing menu from Midi alum Michelle Mah. The interior is filled up with brown leather booths, Shepard Fairey-designed wallpaper, 20-seat horseshoe-shaped granite bar, black crystal-chandeliers, a working vintage-mantled fireplace and a vintage-seeming tin-stamped ceiling. So there's little to remind of the Left at Albuquerque that once was.

Now a moment of your attention back to the menu: an appetizing melee of tacos, dips, grilled pizza, burgers, sizable ingredient-driven salads and mains like pork confit that can only be summed up as American. And the cocktail menu, held at the moment by Alcademics, is nothing to sneer at either. Remember, hours will eventually be continual: from 11 a.m. to 1 a.m., but will be wonky until the "grand opening" on the 19th. So call ahead. And the brunching won't begin this weekend, but next. The tip jar awaits your early reports.

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