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Palmyra and Wings Wings in the Lower Haight, Way More!

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Palmyra in the Lower Haight.
Palmyra in the Lower Haight.
Photo: Eva Frye

LOWER HAIGHT - Palmyra owner Yamen Eltawil passes on more details on his cafe restaurant opening on Haight Street, possibly as soon as Monday. The all-day (7 a.m. to 11 p.m.) Mediterranean-leaning affair has one of those large wall menus, detailing breakfast options like pancakes, bagels and scrambles; then into entrees like chicken with garlic paste, rotisserie chickens, wraps, salads and more Middle Eastern items such as schwermas and kibbi. No beer or wine will be served. [EaterWire]

LOWER HAIGHT EXTRA- Finally we have intel on what's happening at the shuttered Roland's bagels. Former Little Skillet manger Christian Ciscle is planning to open a mostly take-out chicken wings variety shop called Wings Wings. Opening is a few months out. [SFoodie]

UPPER HAIGHT - The Whole Foods 690 Stanyan Project has secured its beer and wine sales license. Things are looking very close to opening over there. [EaterWire]

FILLMORE Farmerbrown and Little Skillet owner Jay Foster has plans to open something called The Library at 1795 Geary Boulevard. The name is a play on the mini-library of books that existed in the location's former bar and music venue called Someplace Else. Nothing else is known of the concept at this point. [Grub Street]

WESTERN ADDITION - As you may know, Bi-Rite Market has designs on the space at 550 Divisadero Street, which currently houses the Divisadero Farmer’s Market & Deli right next to Nopa. This Bi-Rite version will be larger than their existing Mission locale with an ice cream scoop counter within the actual market. Get ready for a "Septemberish" opening. [ISSF, Tablehopper, Haighteration]

MARIN - Did you know there's a Pizza Orgasmica moving into San Rafael and they're planning to serve Brazilian food too? Well yes, there is! But things are a bit delayed due to a bit of a kerfuffle about the joint's bright yellow paint job, reeking of "urban squalor"(?) More here. [ISSF]

PAC HEIGHTS - A Third Wave coffeehouse called Jane is moving into the space adjacent to Citizen Cake on Fillmore Street. Expect Four Barrel coffee, Five Mountain tea, Straus soft serve, baked goods and standard lunch fare. Beer, wine and WiFi will also be in the works soon after the cafe opens next month. We defer to Signore Lucchesi for the remaining details on the pastry and coffee programs. [ISSF]

Bi-Rite Market

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