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Mirtille Shall Be A Slice Of France In The Civic Center

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Classic Plywood shot
Classic Plywood shot

[Photo: Mirtille Facebook page]

Back in October, Madame Hopper first broke news about Mirtille, the all-day cafe from French owners François and Isabelle Chevillotte coming to the Civic Center/Tenderloin area. And now they've put in the ABC application, the Facebook page is up and they've even got a fairly fleshed-out web site in place. So there's more information to be digested. In the Chevillotte's words, they'll provide "preservative-free, French-styled gastronomic creations:" bread baked on site, a bevy of fresh sandwiches (including the "signature bite-size sandwich"), soups, lots of salads, organic coffee, tea and there are even more details here.

They've also got the sustainability shtick down pat, which we all know is a true harbinger of success around here. The cafe will have 30 seats, an outdoor seating area, delivery service, catering and hours of 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. daily. The only potential issue we see here is the similarly minded Ma Velous lies a few blocks away, but really this area of town can use all of it. And there are two or three other quaint little coffee shops in the area as well. So, options!

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