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Behold The Terra Bar Menus and Interior, New In Napa Today

The new bar area is connected to Terra's main dining area by a narrow entrance way.
The new bar area is connected to Terra's main dining area by a narrow entrance way.

The new Terra Bar and Terra dining room. [Photo: Tia Gavin]

Last Friday, Hiro Sone and Lissa Doumani reopened their Michelin-starred Terra with a totally different menu format and a few interior tweaks. And now today, the unbuttoned-up fun begins as the attached, no-reservations Terra Bar opens to the public. Catch a glimpse of what's been done in the gallery above.

For dinner in the restaurant, the simplified menu lists all dishes in order of lightness and richness, then divides them into two simple categories: savory and sweet. Diners choose the desired number of courses and create their fixed-price experience as such. Doumani explains:

"It hopefully will give our customers a sense of freedom and power to eat how they want...Many people now really like the beginning of menus but don’t really want to go on to something heavier. With this presentation you don’t have to."

Now onto the new bar menu, divided into "snacks," things "in jar," "savory" and "sweets." While the restaurant leans more heavily on French and Italian influences, here in the bar Sone plays with global flavors: from the Middle East to Japan, Spain, Thailand, Greece, France and Italy. And then finally, there's the cocktail menu for your perusal. Since Eater HQ is in SF, we're opening up the tip jar to our wine country compadres for your earliest reports.

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