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Bauer Finds Rotisserie & Wine Menu "A Bit Quirky"; Unterman Puts Sexy Things In Her Mouth At Tuba

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In this past Sunday's Chron review, Ye Olde Bauer thinks the name Rotisserie & Wine's "sounds like a chain," but he does enjoy most of the "straightforward and a bit quirky" menu from its two fancy chefs: Tyler Florence and Jeremy Fox. The guys make scrapple taste like "a well-made pork terrine," the corn sticks and cheese puffs are "items without equal," "dessert is well worth staying for," and he likes all four meats from the namesake rotisserie. Despite duck confit waffles that "felt like a brunch dish that accidentally found its way onto the dinner menu," the food rating ends up at 3 stars; while bad acoustics and hit-or-miss service bring the overall rating down to 2.5.

The Unterman Party goes on "a buoyant tour of a cuisine that straddles East and West" at Tuba, a newish little Turksih restaurant up on Guerrero and 22nd. She finds a "friendly Turkish wait staff," joins the " gentle glow" of the interior to "make would-be Turks like me feel right at home." After digging into "perfect pitch hummus," "the nicest [icli kofte] I’ve eaten," and several other "Turkish miracle dishes," we know she's still stuck on the Hunkar begendi: "one of the sexiest things I’ve ever put in my mouth." [Examiner]

Rotisserie & Wine. [Photo: Flickr/Niall Kennedy]

Rotisserie & Wine

720 Main Street, Napa, CA