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Police Break Up Morning Street Fight At Coffee To The People

Eater operatives spotted three police cars parked outside the Coffee to the People in the Upper Haight today at 9:40 a.m. Apparently two men from the street -- at least one of whom appeared to be homeless -- had been fighting viciously, rolling around on the ground right outside the door of the cafe. One of the men, described as a 6-foot-tall, dread-locked African American, was heard accusing the other of stealing his computer. He then entered the cafe wielding a black pole as the alleged thief fended him off with a chair. After police arrived they were overheard asking the accuser if he had a license for the computer. Most cafe patrons exited through the back door during the altercation and the situation now appears to be under control, though there is no word as to who ended up with the computer. Morning coffee sippers are still advised to patronize one of the other local haunts, like Rockin' Java Coffee House or People's Cafe, for an uninterrupted cup of joe. [EaterWire]

Coffee To The People

1206 Masonic Street, San Francisco, CA