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Week in Reviews

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Alexander%27sSpace.jpgThe Bauer Litmus dips into Alexander's Steakhouse, a little over four months after its opening at the storied Bacar address. As far as the interior goes, "it's been rejuvenated; the look is more cohesive and finished;" but that's basically where the compliments end. "I'm not sure I'd give it a ringing endorsement," quoth Bauer as he goes on to speak of "Japanese overtones" that "seem forced," duck shabu shabu: "long on flash, short on substance," and oh! the price tags: "I opened the menu and saw the prices, the only sound I heard was my own gasp." Although the Binchotan roasted chicken offers a glimmer of hope: "one of the best chicken preparations I've seen," Alexander's shakes out at 2 stars overall. [Chron]