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Palo Alto's Pampas "In Serious Financial Condition"

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Photo: Pampas Palo Alto

Remember for a moment Pampas, the splashy Peninsula "churrasco-style" restaurant that hit the Palo Alto scene in 2008. At time of opening, owners Tim and Masumi Reynders brought on an impressive stable of San Francisco-based consultants like Dominic Venegas and Marissa Churchill along with an epic architectural build out. So there's no question a huge chunk of cashish was poured into this 8300-square-foot dinosaur. And today, sad news hits the interwebs that the Reynders have filed for chapter 11 protection in bankruptcy court. :

"While bankruptcy court filings state that Pampas "is in serious financial condition and is unable to continue without debt relief," they are silent as to whether the restaurant plans to close. As of this evening, OpenTable was still accepting new reservations for the restaurant for tables this weekend."

We've got a call out to the powers that be for the latest developments. Meanwhile, your eyewitness Pampas reports are greatly appreciated in the Comments or here. [P.S.: Pampas co-owner Tim Reynders called Eater HQ to underscore the fact that filing for chapter 11 protection does not mean that Pampas is closing.]

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529 Alma Street, Palo Alto, CA