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Berkeley Bowl Anti-Union Bully Tactics May Not Succeed

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Since the workers at Berkeley Bowl voted to dissolve their union, alarming evidence of management's strong-arm tactics during the June voting process has nullified the previous results. But apparently there were signs of inter-colleague intimidation back in June as well. Anti-union Berkeley Bowl supervisors were wearing "Vote No" buttons on the job and "employees were visibly scared." So. Systems are currently in place to "create an atmosphere in which a new election can be held" -- like this sign to be posted on the premises:

"We will not assign you more onerous work or isolate you from your co-workers because of your support for [the union]; we will not create the impression that we are spying on you by monitoring your union activity during non-working time, in non-working areas, including the Cafe-Deli break area. ..."

The new union election vote should take place around March 23rd. Now with this story and some reports of "self involved" Rainbow Grocery workers with "boho attitude" we can only conclude indie marts aren't as full of shiny, happy people as we once dreamed. Or just perhaps not all the time?

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[Photo: Berkeley Daily Planet]

Berkeley Bowl

2020 Oregon St, Berkeley, CA