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Inside Umami Burger, Now Open on Union Street

[Photo: Naseema Khan]

After some soft-launch activity over the weekend, Umami Burger Union "officially" opens to the public today in Cow Hollow. The space, designed by Pablo Ortiz of Zack deVito architecture, features a wrap-around bar, an 8-seat communal table and about 35 seats in the dining area. Owner Adam Fleishman wanted a Japanese warrior's house as the inspiration behind the design, and this is what he got. The walls are made from repurposed douglas fir found in the basement of prior tenant Jovino/Joe's. Gray sections flanking the interior get their organic texture from a custom mixture of tile mortar and basil leaves. With Roam Artisan Burgers across the street and Super Duper planning to open its nearby Marina outpost this Friday, Burger Wars are most definitely heating up in the neighborhood. Umami Burger is the only joint with table service out of the bunch. Here, now, a chance to look around.

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