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"World Class Bar" Coming to Former Kitty's in Emeryville

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John Santer (left), Dylan O'Brien (right).
John Santer (left), Dylan O'Brien (right).
Photo: Partially from Food GPS, here and here

Two San Francisco bar heavyweights, Jon Santer and Dylan O'Brien are opening Prizefighter in the former Kitty's location in Emeryville. The vacant piece of real estate is an expansive, light-filled one, and Alcademics reports that the boys are aiming to fill it with "a world-class bar in a casual and fun environment." Santer has helmed bars everywhere from Tres Agaves to Bourbon & Branch, and O'Brien is one of the owners of Bloodhound and Churchill.

As you can imagine, the program is ambitious as all get out: complete with wine on tap, communal drinks by the pitcher, mezcal galore, and cerebral ice cubes. Also: they're trying to offer drinks you can consume in high quantity without getting loaded—a departure from the punch-in-the-face you can get from some of the hottest bars in San Francisco, like The Wilson and The Alembic. Other points of interest include shuffleboard, occasional food trucks on the premises, and a soundtrack. Look for Prizefighter to open in mid-November.

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6702 Hollis Street, Emeryville, CA 94608


6702 Hollis Street Emeryville, CA