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LYFE in Palo Alto, Two Sisters in Hayes Valley

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As the restaurant world turns, these are the latest openings to caress the Bay Area.


1) Palo Alto: Last night the first outpost of the LYFE fast food chain—mentioned several times in the archives —opens in Palo Alto. The menu includes calorie and sodium counts for nearly every item, sections to take you from breakfast to evening dessert, and lots of puns with the word LYFE. The image above shows you some of the sustainable buildout materials and gives an idea just how much dough was invested in this thing. Inside Scoop has more pictures of the interior should you wish to peruse them. [EaterWire, ISSF]

2) Madame Hopper and Vinologue have the skinny on Two Sisters, the new cafe, bar and book exchange venue that will officially open tomorrow at the former Marino address on Hayes St. Unsurprisingly, the cafe is owned by two sisters and the space is a cozy one. Sample menus are on the website. [Tablehopper, Vinologue]

Of course, your early reports on these newcomers are welcome over the EaterWire, and if we missed a newbie in your neighborhood, please do enlighten us here or in the comments.

LYFE Kitchen

167 Hamilton Ave. Palo Alto, CA