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The Early Word on Park Tavern

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Photo: Eva Frye

As their second project together, Marlowe’s Anna Weinberg and Jenn Puccio have transformed the North Beach space that once housed Moose’s and Joey and Eddie’s. Something of a balancing act, Weinberg and Puccio’s new effort seeks to unite historic and modern references; Marlowe’s fans will be pleased to find Brussels sprout chips and the famous burger on the menu, while those nostaglic about Moose's will take comfort knowing that former owner Mary Etta Moose’s table is still in the dining room, overlooking the kitchen. Will Park Tavern fill the legendary shoes it hopes to occupy? Let’s check in with early diners’ for some clues.

The Atmospheric News: Guests have been vocal about the design and vibes of Park Tavern’s dining room. Chowhound's bobpantzer says the restaurant "has a nice ambience--have been there only once and liked the food," and The Chron’s Paolo Lucchesi observes a successful union of “the city's past and present,” and also found the ceiling – “dominated by? barnwood-wrapped beams” noteworthy. [Chowhound, Chron]

The $$$ News: Foodie Fool commented on the “decent affordable wine list,” but Jimmy G./Yelp believes that “for the price point,” the food is “on par, not amazing.” [Foodie Fool, Yelp]

The Statuesque Chicken News: Tasting Table’s Jessica Battilana thinks Weinberg “may be a little premature in proclaiming the Poulet Rouge?the signature dish,” but admits, “?then the guinea hen arrives, served upright?and you think, well, this is a very fine bird.” To former mayor Willie Brown, the poulet looked like “the Statue of Liberty without the crown,” and tastes “spicy and crispy? and very tasty.” Bauer puts it in his "favorite dishes" blog post, describing the meat as "exceedingly moist." [Tasting Table, ISSF]

The Deviled Egg News: “It’s not hard to screw up a deviled egg,” admits the Foodie Fool, “but it’s a challenge to make them stand out.” Quoth the Fool, “For a $1.50 each, you gotta try them at least once.” Diner Amanda G./Yelp was “impressed they could get so many textures and flavors in such a small item,” but fellow Yelper Yessica W. complained of “no deviled egg flavor.” [Foodie Fool, Yelp]

The Trendy News: Zagat commenter Jeffrey M says: "The bar area was literally jammed, and the view over the park from the front of the restaurant was incredible. This will be up there as the "trendiest spot" in North Beach soon enough. [Zagat]

The Service News: Jeff T. posts to Zagat that "The staff were knowledgeable on both the food and wine menu and suggested some non-traditional, but brilliant pairings," but Amanda G./Yelp writes, “Our server was very pleasant, just not very attentive.” [Zagat, Yelp]

The Mayoral News: Willie Brown thinks Park Tavern is “worth a weekly repeat.” [ISSF]

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Park Tavern

1652 Stockton Street, , CA 94133 (415) 989-7300 Visit Website

Park Tavern

1652 Stockton Street, San Francisco, CA