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Nominate Your Favorite Restaurant Bathroom in SF

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It's that time again: The 2011 Eater Awards are just four weeks away, and among the illustrious awards to be handed out is one bright and shiny new one that is sure to be a crowd favorite: Best Restaurant Bathroom. Finally you don't have to be a great restaurant or a great chef or a media whore to win a can of tomatoes. You can just have a nice john.

At this point, we'd like to open up the floor to reader nominations. Is there a certain powder room with free champagne? Or a Japanese toilet with warmers and jet streams? Comic-covered walls, power dryers, a pisser built into an elevator shaft, two way mirrors, fantastically divey Sharpie scrawls? Send your nominations to or leave them in the comments.

Stay tuned for updates on this award and more as the 2011 Eater Awards approach this November 14.

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The bathroom at Pauline's Pizza. [Photo: Flickr/rick]