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Inside Cedar Hill Opening Next Week in the Marina

Title. [Photo: Eva Frye]

Here we are inside Cedar Hill, the new Southern BBQ place from former Memphis Minnie's man Jon Rietz. If all goes well with the remaining inspections, this pretty gal should start up the soft-opening flirtations by Wednesday of next week. As explained earlier, they're targeting the lunch and dinner crowd at the start, but they could be serving night owls in the near future too. Drunk eaters, take note of this in your drunk eating note pads.

The eventual plan here is to sling BBQ sandwiches out of the street-facing sliding doors in the after-hours to cater to the hungry, inebriated crowd leaving Reed & Greenough across the street. Also note the space you see here is riddled with family heirlooms, like pictures of Old 'Pa Rietz and signage from the owner's real Cedar Hill family ranch in Texas. Take a peek around before the planned opening, and tell us what you think.

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