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Chris Cosentino Brings Pigg to LA

Chris%20Pigg.jpgThis morning, news broke that Adam Fleishman of the new-to-SF Umami Burger and Chris Cosentino of, well, lots of different things around here, will be partnering up in Los Angeles. Fleishman will be opening a "relaxed Bazaar" of sorts called Umamicatessen in downtown LA with "five or so" different restaurant concepts sharing a dining room and full-service bar. Chris Cosentino's owns one of the concepts, called Pigg, and serving "pork out the wazoo." Cosentino tells Inside Scoop, “Ultimately, it’s a fun project, and I want to do things that are fun." Umamicatessen and Pigg should open in January. [ISSF, LAT, ELA]