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More on Hops & Hominy, Headed for Union Square

As NOLA-inspired Boxing Room wraps up month four in Hayes Valley, and Southpaw, Cedar Hill and Hog & Rogs ready their BBQ concepts for opening, there's some new Southern food action coming soon to Union Square too. In June, Eater mentioned a Southeastern joint called Hops & Hominy would be moving into the old Azul space. Their Facebook page shows construction very much under way, and today chef and co-owner David Baeli sat down to fill us in more on the concept.

A Florida native, Baeli has reunited with four of his childhood friends in San Francisco to become "restaurateurs over night." They've already ripped Azul down to the rafters with the help of architect and designer Said Eghbal, who you may know from his work at Monk's Kettle. Here on the website, you can see the materials to be used. An accent wall of glazed tiles and a ceiling-full of Victorian-looking tin will bring refined touches to rougher elements: brick walls, and a hot rolled steel bar.

Meanwhile, the basement is being converted into a prep kitchen so they can scale the menu up considerably. Baeli plans to serve Southern-inspired, American fare, using local ingredients. He's already working on Southern fried chicken, collards, several different styles of cornbread, and, of course lots of smoked, bbqed meats. There will aslo be a raw bar, and partner Adam Edwards will curate an extensive beer program devoted to American micro-brews. Look for more on the decor and menu as those details are nailed down in the coming months. For now, Baeli and friends are planning to officially open in January, with several holiday parties leading up to that.

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Hops & Hominy

1 Tillman Place, San Francisco, CA 94108

Hops and Hominy

1 Tillman Place, San Francisco, CA