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Chairman Bao Drops the "Bao"

We have a winner in the bi-coastal bao war started last year between New York's Eddie Huang and our seemingly benign Chairman Bao food truck. Since Huang officially trademarked the Chairman Bao name last year, our local bun-slinging, panda-clad truck will henceforward be called The Chairman. See the new, 100% legal logo here. The switcheroo announcement press release brings chef Hiroo Nagahara to the fore, and dodges the elephant in the room, saying the change is because "the truck shifts in direction to include more than just bao" —really hogwash logic when you look at the how much fried macaroni the Cheesecake Factory sells on any given night. Anyway the truck forges onward with plans to maybe launch a second truck in the Bay Area and maybe one in LA too. The Chairman truck has nearly 10,000 followers on Twitter and some of the consistently longest lines at Off the Grid events everywhere, proving hungry truck-lovers probably don't care about boring things like lawsuits and trademark infringements anyway.

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