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Anthony Bourdain's Eddie Vedder-Like Oakland Reception

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CBS host Liam Mayclem prays at the altar of Anthony Bourdain. [Photo: Rick Camargo]

The Paramount Theatre is accustomed to visiting luminaries of music, comedy, and theater, but Friday night's appearance by No Reservations host Anthony Bourdain was the first time a chef received a rock star's welcome on the Oakland stage. "It was as though I'd just introduced Eddie Vedder," says CBS television and radio personality Liam Mayclem, who hosted the show. "People were on their feet. The crowd literally went nuts." The show was broken down into two components, a collection of photo and video-assisted anecdotes largely culled from the now 10-year history of No Reservations, followed by a question and answer session with the nearly sold-out crowd.

1) When asked about his favorite restaurants in the area, his answers haven't wavered from his old haunts like Incanto, Swan Oyster Depot, and House of Prime Rib.

2) Keeping with the rock-n-roll swagger, Bourdain revealed that he'd kill to eat a meat pie with Keith Richards. Along the way, he poked fun at Paula Deen but actually gave props to Alice Waters.

3) Mayclem describes Bourdain's pre-show moments as jittery, and Bourdain tweeted as much: "Nervous about tonight's gig in Oakland. All new material and a multi-media tech component #pleasedontfuckup."

4) Mayclem did his best to calm him down with the assistance of a packaged gift of foie gras, prepared three ways expressly for Bourdain by Lafitte chef Russell Jackson. Bourdain appeared to relax as soon as he got on stage, telling the audience that they made it easy for him.

5) Bourdain was scheduled to stay for 45 minutes after the show for a meet and greet event, but ended up staying nearly twice as long to chat with the guests—all winners of a giveaway on Mayclem's Foodie Chap site.

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Paramount Theatre

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