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Richard Reddington's Pizza Joint, Redd Wood, Shapes Up

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Fresh off recent trips to Italy and Los Angeles, Richard Reddington is finalizing the details of his new Yountville Italian restaurant. The joint's name, Redd Wood, came out in September, and now we have much more to share about the design and the concept. To begin with, this will be the first creative restaurant project for the fashionable Erin Martin, so you're not going to get the expected open kitchen-touting, Edison-bulbed, reclaimed wood, yada yada, you're used to. Reddington is describing the design as "funky" with a steel grid backing a brand new bar, custom lighting, custom-made doors and more. As the design sketch here shows, they're also blowing out new windows to create more light, and a more obvious demarcation between the Hotel Luca and the restaurant.

Although Reddington had a great time eating in Italy, the menu here won't be "overly Italian." Read: no obscure noodle names you can't understand. On that note, there will be five to six pastas on the menu, a similar amount of pizzas, salads, small plates and a couple larger meats roasted in the wood-fired oven, such as oxtails, steak. (Reddington liked what he saw down south at Gjelina and Mozza, counting them among his many inspirations.) There's also a huge charcuterie room where chef is currently hanging meats galore. Now, as far as the style of pizza, goes, they've got some time to work it out. Reddington wants to come up with his own formula, and he's inviting temporarily out-of-work big names like Liza Shaw and Ryan Hardy into the kitchen to help him play around. Look out for more details on Redd Wood as the planned January opening nears.

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Redd Wood

6774 Washington St., Yountville, CA