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Dell Uva To Mission, Lucky Strike Gets Rolling, More

THE MISSION - As you can see here, construction is well underway, and fresh signage is up at the second outpost of Dell Uva coming to 3235 Mission St. So we know this is happening, now it's just a matter of waiting to hear back from management to find out when. [EaterWire]

SOMA - According to the construction schedule for SoMa's slow-rolling Lucky Strike Lanes (the bowling alley coming to the former Borders Books), the build-out should be completed in February. And according to their website, this will be the place to don your little black dress or slug martinis whilst bowling. [LiveSoma, Official Site]

CIVIC CENTER - The historic site that was once Stars, and, more recently, Trader Vic's, will become a French-American bistro called Maestro. The folks who own Burlingame's La Boheme are in charge, and the plan is to open—complete with a new patisserie—in December. [ISSF]

INNER RICHMOND - An Asian spot called The Grill is moving into the closed Coriya Hot Pot City at Clement and 10th. There's still a lot of paper on the windows, preventing our strategic snoopers from doing their job. Please do drop a line if you know something. [SFoodie]

OUTER RICHMOND - If you had to guess what the former Video Cafe hugging the corner at Geary and 21st Ave. was turning into, what would you say? Maybe a gigantic Chinese restaurant to make friends with all the other Chinese restaurants out there? You would be right! Get ready for a total makeover—with a mezzanine and everything—to be unveiled at 5700 Geary Blvd. in the coming months. [The Rich Blog]

OUTER SUNSET - Trying to move into the former Freddie's Nifty Thrifties at Judah and 44th is a new self-service Mediterranean biz with a name that's not nearly as much fun to say: Falafel Jumanh. Not a whole ton of falafel out by the ocean, so people might still try this out, nonetheless. [The Feast]

MARIN - Apparently, everyone in Mill Valley is talking about Tamalpie, an all-organic, quick service pizza, panini and pasta place with an "artsy urban" decor that's coming soon. Architect Cass Calder Smith is putting the finishing touches on the design now, as the future community hub readies to open up next month. [Marin Blog]

HEALDSBURG - A new tasting room called Pair Tasting Bar is opening on East Street, a little off the well-worn path. The key differentiator here is chef-owner Matt Paiile who plans to design a significant slew of food pairings for the Bar's collection of small production wines. Also: underground suppers. [ISSF]

Dell Uva

3235 Mission St., San Francisco, CA