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Umami Burger $100 Burger, Moya Comeback, and More

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Photo: Yelp/earl g.

RICH PEOPLE THINGS - Not three weeks after opening, Umami Burger is introducing a "Money is No Object Burger" (MNO): a grade-A wagyu patty, topped with Hudson Valley foie gras, onion marmalade, and reduced 1977 Croft Vintage Port. Then they place 1/4 inch of freshly shaved Italian white truffles on top, just because. The MNO burger is available for limited time (truffle season), costs $100 and must be special ordered. Please tell us immediately if you try this. [EaterWire]

ROCK STAR WINERIES - Want to go to a party at Sting's winery and villa in Chianti, Italy? Santa Rosa based travel company Food & Wine Trails can help. Here's how. [ISSF]

COMEBACKS - In June a four-alarm fire leveled Folsom St. Ethiopian gem Moya, and the owner wasn't sure she'd be able to recover from the damage. Today LiveSoma reports they're starting construction this week for a new Moya location at 121 9th St (@ Minna). It sounds like they'll offer most of what they did at the original, with the addition of sandwiches, salads, beer and wine. They hope to be open in early December. [LiveSoma]

THE SHUTTER - Fresh off the EaterWire, Bernal Hill's 12-year-old Argus Lounge dive will be closing up shop on Nov. 1. The owners, Amy and Spencer Murray, plan to give the space a quick facelift, turning it into Iron & Gold, a "comfortable neighborhood watering hole" with "edgy" music and a well-stocked bar. They hope the reinvention will be complete by Nov. 18. [EaterWire]

BEER WARS - Or should we say, "BEER LAWSUITS"? Boston's ginormous Sam Adams Brewing Company is suing San Francisco's comparatively itty bitty Anchor Brewing Co. for hiring their 26-year-old former North Bay district manager. They're saying Anchor violated the guy's non-compete contract by poaching him. Anchor thinks the whole thing is "malarky," but Sam Adams still has a shot at winning. Read all about it here. [Examiner via SFist]

Umami Burger

452 University Avenue, Palo Alto, CA 94301 Visit Website

Umami Burger

2184 Union Street, San Francisco, CA

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