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Week in Reviews

Beachside%20Sunset.jpgPeople-watching outside the Outer Sunset's new Beachside, The Unterminator sees all kinds of things: three-legged dogs, surfers, RV dwellers, solo backpackers, bike advocates and a lot of babies and young kids. The food wins her over. The Irish breakfast sandwich "is manager Buffy Maguire’s triumph," the country sausage sandwich, "a knockout." At dinner, the little gem salad "rivaled any in The City, at half the price," hanger steak "was stunning," and the whole meal is an "unbelievable bargain." There are "quirks and inefficiencies," but they "only make Beachside more endearing to its many regulars. Like one big happy family, the floor staff, customers, cooks and owners mingle practically every day — and still love one another." [Examiner]