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Citizen Cake Becomes "Ice Cream Parlor" w/ Diner Food

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Over the past month, there's been a major menu evolution at Citizen Cake on Fillmore Street. The first hint that things are different is the new name hanging outside on the sign: Elizabeth Falkner’s Citizen Cake, Ice Cream Parlor & Eats. The menu is totally different. The fancy-ish French-inflected fare of yore has given way to Fatted Calf hot dogs, macaroni and cheese and a new anime version of E-Falk drawn all over the place. Download the full menu on the website. You'll notice the only thing that hasn't really morphed are the desserts in the pastry case. Smart move, considering Kauffman and Untzy Pants raved about them in recent reviews. Now there are even more desserts for the critics to try, since Falkner started making liquid nitrogen ice cream a few weeks ago. There's grilled sourdough ice cream, and all kinds of futuristic sundaes, like the Ninja Chef, made with devils food cake, chocolate sauce, chocolate streusel and peppermint "snow."

Falkner tells Inside Scoop her "aha" moment came when she got back from filming The Next Iron Chef and suddenly realized the restaurant had gotten too serious. “I love to have fun with food, so I want to do something like Farrell’s Ice Cream Parlor — but my take.” In case you didn't know, Farrell's is the SoCal ice cream-centric restaurant Falkner grew up with.

And there you have it. After 14 years of serving California-inspired savory fare, Citizen Cake is now on to "food you just want to eat at an ice cream parlor made with honest and great ingredients." As the new deal settles into Fillmore Street, your thoughts and comments are much appreciated here and below.

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Elizabeth Falkner’s Citizen Cake, Ice Cream Parlor & Eats

2125 Fillmore St., San Francisco, CA