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Welcome to Eater's First Ever Chinese Food Week

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Chinese Food Week, Eater's exploration of and ode to Chinese food in San Francisco, is here. Check in throughout the week for interviews with some major figures in the Chinese culinary world, maps, guides, tours, tips, and secrets. Look out for cameos from Danny Bowien, Kathy Fang, Brandon Jew, Paul Qui, Ed Lee, and more.

And that's just here on the site. Out in the living and breathing restaurant world, five of Eater's very favorite non-Chinese restaurants are putting a special, limited time only, made-just-for-Chinese Food Week special on their menus. Check out what's on offer below, and look back throughout the week as we feature one (or two) of the special dishes every day.

Locanda: Gulf Shrimp "Sale e Pepe"; head on gulf shrimp, fried and then seared with ground coriander, black pepper. $11 on the bar menu, Monday through Friday. website.

Bourbon Steak: "Beef and Broccoli"; Brandt Farms 72-hour short rib, spicy gai lan broccoli, brown butter potato, ginger-soy glaze, micro broccoli, ito togarashi threads. $49 on the dinner menu all week. website.

Zare at Fly Trap: Twice roasted, crispy skinned half Liberty duck with Persian-style sweet and sour broth, braised persimmon and quince, and jeweled kateh (Persian sticky rice); $27 on the dinner menu Thursday, Friday, Saturday nights. website.

Zuppa: Roasted Dungeness Crab for two; scallions, ginger, hot chili, garlic and bean thread noodles, $29 on the dinner menu Tuesday through Sunday. website.

SPQR: Onion and truffle juice soup dumpling with root vegetable milk, offered all week as a course on chef Matthew Accarrino's 5-course, $48 pasta menu

Try one, try them all, have fun, and Happy Chinese Food Week.


557 Valencia Street, , CA 94110 (415) 863-6800 Visit Website

Zare at Fly Trap

606 Folsom Street, San Francisco, CA 94107 Visit Website


1911 Fillmore Street, , CA 94115 (415) 771-7779 Visit Website

Bourbon Steak

335 Powell Street, San Francisco, CA 94102 415 397 3003