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Park%20Tavern%20Three%20Stars.jpgSo bowled over is Bauer Town by Moose's replacement Park Tavern that he likens it to a New York icon: "a restaurant that feels like what New York's Balthazar might be if it were transported to San Francisco." The new "American brasserie-tavern flavors...feel as fresh and as grounded as the interior" to the point where "the place could end up being the Stars of the 21st century." Yes. He said that. And in closing: "Every day seems like a birthday at Park Tavern. [Co-owner Anna] Weinberg has been blessed with Ed Moose's charm, making everyone feel special. Her passion and desire to make people happy permeate the place, leaving diners wanting to come back." 3 stars. [Chron]

Park Tavern

1652 Stockton Street, , CA 94133 (415) 989-7300 Visit Website