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The New Chef at Chez Panisse is Jerome Waag

Jerome Waag was a busboy at Chez Panisse in the early '80s. He stepped up to actual cooking in 1991, and yesterday a rumor was floated that he would become the chef to take over David Tanis' vacant position. This morning Inside Scoop confirms the fact that Waag will indeed take over the most esteemed of esteemed farm-to-table kitchens. As you know, Jean-Pierre Moullé is the other chef in charge at Chez Panisse. When Moullé finishes his six month-shift in April, Waag will step up for the next six months, and so on and so forth into sustainable, organic, local food eternity. Since Waag is one of the founding members of OPENrestaurant, this jives with his schedule. He should be headed to Japan for the ambitious OPENharvest project in late October.

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Chez Panisse

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Chez Panisse

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