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Eater Awards 2011: Best Bathroom Nominee RN74

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Among the illustrious prizes to be handed out at Monday's Eater Awards 2011 is an award for the city's Best Restaurant Bathroom. To help guide your votes, Eater will highlight one of the five nominees every day until polls open on Friday. Today's spotlight: the bathroom Michael Mina's RN74.

[Photo: Eva Frye]

What it looks like: Glazed brick-lined WCs continue RN74's European train station theme in the bathrooms. Retro French movie tracks create an enrapturing soundtrack you may or may not understand, and a "Please adjust your dress before leaving" sign makes a light-hearted attempt to help women-folk (and dress-wearing men?) avoid any embarrassing SNAFUs in the dining room.

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301 Mission St., San Francisco, CA

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