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Kimo's on Polk Street, Mike's Deli in the Mission, and More Restaurants Bid Adieu

Photo: Travel Southwest

1) The Mission: Mike's Deli a.k.a. Gunz & Bunz (3100 24th St.) has an eviction notice on its door dated at Nov. 10 2011. [Mission Loc@l]

2) Polk Gulch: 34-year-old Polk St. club, live music and drag show venue Kimo's is in the process of being sold. The current owners suspect the joint might turn into a cocktail lounge with DJs, although nothing's been confirmed yet. What we do know is that's one less venue for local bands to get started. [SF Weekly]

3) Nob Hill: A trusted source writes in saying the Nob Hill Cala Foods "has a sign outside that says they're officially closing on Dec. 3." After that the planned future Trader Joe's outpost will move in and start renovations in January. According to SFoodie, the new TJ's should be open some time in the middle of 2012. [EaterWire, SFoodie]

4) Oakland: 8-year old cafe, music venue and art community hub Mama Buzz Café will be closing its doors next month. Back in Jan, they made a push to keep things afloat to no avail, and now The Facebook has the final info on the last show and such. [Bay Citizen, EBX, Facebook]


1351 Polk St., San Francisco, CA