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Ike's Place East Bay, Jonny Moseley at The Brixton, More

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EAST BAY - Ike Shehadeh and Daniel Patterson will be neighbors very soon. Today Eater learns that Ike's Place will be opening a shop in Uptown Oakland at 2204 Broadway, right next to Plum, and joining Bakesale Betty, Luka's and True Burger in the nabe. The location will bring back Ike's guilt-gree "air fries," and "Ike-accinos" (don't ask). Also: enough sidewalk space for the lines that have become synonymous with Ike's. Will D-Patt be a regular? Is he a "Meatless Mario" sandwich kinda guy? TBD. [Diablo]

COW HOLLOW - Because you're dying to know where Jonny Moseley eats, 7x7 passes on his favorite spots in the Cow Hollow: the Brixton and Rose's Cafe. Apparently he also has "a lifetime cookie pass" for AZ-based Wildflour Baking Company. Eater never said life was fair. [7x7]

COMING ATTRACTIONS - This Sunday, master beer maker Rich Higgins is teaming up with the chef from Firefly restaurant to present five different Thanksgiving themed food and beer pairings: things like turkey-persimmon terrine with Weihenstephaner Hefe Weissbier. The meal will include a lesson in pairing beer with savory dishes. Tickets here. [EaterWire]

CASTRO - Starbelly will be doing a festive, family-style crab feed on Nov. 29. It'll take place on the covered, heated patio from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m. In addition to loads of boiled crabs, crab chowder in a sourdough bowl, Caesar salad, and heirloom apple cobbler will be available. $39 a person. Call Starbelly to reserve seats. [EaterWire]

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Ike's Place

3489 16th Street, San Francisco, CA 94114 415 553 6888

Ike's Place

2204 Broadway, Oakland, CA

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