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Soul Groove Plans The Next (Big?) Duc Loi Pop-Up

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Back in the day, Mission Street Food's Mission Burger proved there was something magical about serving a tricked out Heston Blumenthal-style beef patty at the deli counter of an Asian supermarket. Now today Eater receives word that a new pop-up shall carry on the Duc Loi pop-up baton: the fried chicken and waffle sandwich makers of Soul Groove. Here's their self-depricating description of what they have to offer:

"Just a succulent boneless breast wrapped in bacon, battered, southern fried, nestled between two maple waffles, and served with maple barbecue sauce and jalapeno cole slaw. No big whoop."

In the past, Soul Groove was regularly at The Corner until that blew up. They'll resurface at Duc Loi on Nov. 28 (hours TBA) while continuing sporadic pop-ups at Boogaloos, Panini, Milk Bar, and the Boom Boom Room. Twitter can keep you on top of it. From the grapevine: the chicken-waffle sandwich has managed to win over oft-drunken pop-up crowds, and has been described as "orgasmic" by more than one person.

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