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Is Coi a Steal?

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Coi%20Outisde.jpg Price Hike's Ryan Sutton tracks the rising cost of Coi's 11-course tasting menu, which has made three jumps in 2011: from $145 to $155 to the current price of $165. They get Daniel Patterson on the horn, who explains the increase reflects a better dining experience: a higher ratio of employees to diners, the recent dining room remodel, rising food costs and better ingredients and techniques. D-Patt also notes Coi's prices are lower than other restaurants in its category: Manresa is $175, Benu is $180, Saison is now $198-$498, etc." Is Coi a BUY? Sutton concludes: "yes, based on positive reports we’ve heard about Patterson’s California cuisine." [Price Hike]


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