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Scott Beattie OUT at Plum Bar, and More

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D-PATT WIRE - After hearing a rumor that Scott Beattie's days at Plum Bar are over, Ms. Hopper confirms that Beattie is indeed "no longer involved in the project," and neither is Michael Lazar, who was originally brought on in a consulting role as well. Beattie told the Hopstress that his last day was Friday, he's "disheartened after the months of work he put in," and couldn't comment further on the reason for his swift departure. We do have a statement from The Daniel Patterson Group: "Scott Beattie has completed his agreed upon contract with Plum Bar and we wish him well as he moves onto his next project. Plum Bar will continue to evolve its seasonal, classic cocktails in collaboration with the kitchen teams from Plum and Plum Bar, under the direction of Ron Boyd." You'll remember Boyd is also covering for Charlie Parker, who left Plum in October. He must be busy. [Tablehopper]

LISTICLE MADNESS - Bon Appetit's "do-not-miss list" for the Napa Valley is fun: They've got Thomas Keller's Addendum, the Beckham family's beloved Gott's Roadside, Kitchen Door, Redd, Morimoto Napa, Oenotri and Solbar on the list. As GrubStreet points out, somehow they forgot to mention the Michelin-starred guys: The French Laundry and Meadowood, and there's no love for Bar Terra, Bouchon, Bottega or étoile either. Who do you think should go on the list?[Bon Appetit, GrubStreet]

TYLER FLORENCE WIRE - SFoodie breaks down the flavors in Tyler Florence's new line of wines, inventively named Tyler Florence Blend #4 and Tyler Florence Blend #5. The verdict on the Cab? "Nothing to complain about." [SFoodie]

NOW OPEN - Via Chowhound, Ms. Hopper brings word of Smoke Berkeley, offering Texas slow-smoked beef brisket, South Carolina pulled pork plates, and more from a little space "adjoining the car wash on the west side of San Pablo." [Hopper]

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