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Tacolicious, Mosto and Crab Season—All Coming Soon

PLYWOOD UPDATE - As you can see here, the tequila barrels are locked and loaded in preparation for the opening of Tacolicious and Mosto in the Mission. That's co-owner Joe Hargrave swooping in to test the waters, however, due to the PG&E variable, you may have to wait an eensy bit longer than expected for these spots to open. Right now their people are saying it could be pushed to next week. Watch that tequila flow, and stay tuned for further updates. [EaterWire]

CRABS! - The recreational Dungeness crab season begins on Saturday, with the commercial season kicking off a little later, on Nov. 15. This means you should get ready for crabs to show up on menus around town before the end of the month. [CBS]

JACKSON SQUARE - Over on Pacific, Michael Tusk has hired new pastry chef Devin McDavid to take the pastry programs at Quince and Cotogna in a new direction. McDavid has two of Thomas Keller's restaurants on his resume: The French Laundry and Per Se. According to the press release fielded over the EaterWire, he uses minimal flourishes and let's the ingredients shine. Exhibit A: Quince's new banana pound cake with raisin coulis, cocoa nib nougatine and toasted oat ice cream. Exhibit B: Cotogna's chocolate tart with 490 rooftop honey and bourbon gelato. [EaterWire]

EXPANSION WIRE - Gerald Hirigoyen, chef-owner of 10-year-old popular Basque restaurant Piperade, has just signed a lease to take over the space next door. He's going to turn it into a private event space and potential lounge called Lauburu. It's still in the early stages, but eventually it will mean expanded outdoor seating too. [ISSF]

NASTIES - The current owners at Burma Superstar are not overjoyed that the Burmese Gourmet food truck owner is telling people he used to own Burma Superstar. SFoodie has the cease and desist letter. [SFoodie]

[Photo: Facebook/Mosto]

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