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Tacolicious Sneak Peek, State Bird Provisions Update, More

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Tiles designed to replicate classic Mexico City style.
Tiles designed to replicate classic Mexico City style.

[Photo: Molly DeCoudreaux]

MISSION - As Tacolicious and Mosto ready to debut next week in the Mission, we bring you a first peek at the bar area and the Dolores Park mural on the Tacolicious side of things. These pics were snapped yesterday amidst quite the pre-opening bustle. Gallery captions have a bit more detail. [EaterWire]

FILLMORE - State Bird Provisions co-owner Nicole Krasinski tells Eater the opening is looking more like mid-December at this point. On a more immediate note, the website will probably go live next week. [EaterWire]

COW HOLLOW - Confusingly named Union St. French restaurant Unique Bistro has informed the neighbors they're having a grand opening party this evening. The "real opening" is happening on Wednesday. Since the phone number listed on Yelp isn't connected yet, and the website is still a mere splash page, please do drop us a line should you attend tonight's celebration. [EaterWire]

Burger%20Urge%20Outside.jpgUPPER HAIGHT - Sam Sirhed's Burger Urge is creating a little drama in the neighborhood with an advent calendar on the window counting down the days until they open around Nov. 18. (It's said 15 days are left for two days now, so we can't be sure of the exact date yet.) Last night there was a party for the neighborhood with lots of free food, and guess who showed up? Ed Leewho is certainly getting around these days. [EaterWire]

SOMA- GrubStreet learns that Tom Hutachinda, the owner of The Café in the Castro, has purchased the former Rawhide space with designs on turning into a large restaurant, including a 49-seat roof deck and a downstairs bar. He's got a lot of city meetings and a significant rebuild in store, so this one will probably open in six months to a year. [GrubStreet]

Tupelo%20Sign.jpgNORTH BEACH - We've also got fresh signage here for Tupelo (1337 Grant St.), the new Southern food restaurant from Theodore Mattson and Shantytown Music member Teague Kernan. Looks like the old Mojito space also got repainted to a moody olive green, and as you can see here, they're also working towards a license to offer live blues, jazz and rock. [EaterWire]

NAPA- The always budding Oxbow Market has signed a crepe place called La Crepe! to come on. The owners are "promising an authentic experience," and it should be open in Dec. [ISSF]


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State Bird Provisions

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