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Tyler Florence's Most Swoon-Worthy Quotes From The Foodbuzz Festival

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Photo: Molly DeCoudreaux

On Saturday, Tyler Florence was at the Foodbuzz Festival blogger convention talking about frozen French fries. To be specific, he partnered up with all-natural frozen food brand Alexia Foods to drum up some excitement for their next food blogger-generated frozen French fry flavor. 400 bloggers gathered to sample the four flavor finalists, but mostly to watch el Ty-Flo cook up some pan roasted, brined pork chops with that unmistakable Ty-Flo swagger. Saving you the time it takes to watch the live stream video over on Facebook, here are his most swoon-worthy comments of the evening, no doubt making the mostly female audience of food bloggers weak in the knees.

1) Ty-Flo opened things up by talking about his kids and what big fans they are of Alexia's frozen sweet potato fries.

2) On the pork he was cooking: "This pork is from Somona. It had a great life. Just one bad day." And later, "This is a Flinstone pork chop, I don't know if i should wrestle it or eat it."

3) Ty-Flo referred to the wet marinade he was using as a "flavor jacuzzi." Also: "lots of flavor, a little bit of science."

4) After having the audience engage a few hearty rounds of chanting "fresh herbs," Ty-Flo tells them to treat fresh herbs like flowers, "trim the bottom and put them in water."

5) "Spaetzle is like the new black. Everyone's talking about spaetzle."

6) While chopping, he calls himself "a showman," shouting "more chef, less celebrity, that's what I'm talking about."

7) During a chat about this "technique called pan roasting," Tyler has the audience repeat after him, "color equals flavor." Finally, they chime in. He responds, "That sounds like about two glasses of Cabernet Sauvignon. I like it."

8) Also note Ty-Flo's dreamy version of Emeril's "bam." It's "bang."

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