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Locanda's Anchovy Can Lights Are Theft Magnets

Shit People Steal is Eater's ongoing feature about the items in restaurants that have been (or are frequently) stolen.

[Photo: drinkable life]

Today Locanda chef Anthony Strong writes in with a submission to the annals of Shit People Steal.

Dude. Our candle holders at Locanda, which I geeked out on forever, my embarrassingly un-tough side coming out... I saved all of our anchovy tins at both pizzerias for months, then had jewelry-genius Shana Astrachan fabricate them into perfect little vehicles for table light. And 6 months in we're losing them already!!!

The moral of the story is that restaurant owners and chefs actually invest time and money into the decor in their restaurants, and they would like to hang on to their decorations. On-the-table does not equal up-for-grabs.

What do shameless diners or passers by run off with from your restaurant? Email us here with your submission to Shit People Steal.

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