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Sons & Daughters Chefs To Open Sweet Woodruff

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It's been a great year for Sons & Daughters, what with a three star upgrade from Bauer, a fresh Michelin star, an Eater Restaurant of the Year win, and all. Now owners Teague Moriarty and Matt McNamara have scooped up the vacant Candy Darling space down the street with a plan to expand. Moriarty says they're working towards opening Sweet Woodruff, an "innovative carry-out spot," in January of next year. Much in the way that Bouchon Bakery and The French Laundry are tied together in Yountville, you'll be able to feel the connection between Sons & Daughters and Sweet Woodruff.

To begin with, they've brought in a 6' x 12' wooden butcher block as a work station for the new space. It will serve as a focal point of the interior, in much the same way that the open kitchen does at Sons & Daughters. Operations will start with lunch, and Isaac Miller, a Manresa alum who's been working in the kitchen at Sons & Daughters for the past six months, will oversee things, making sure the level of food is in line with the group's ethos. Their new pastry man, Kevin Gravito will make desserts and sweets as well.

Moriarity says they've already expanded their off-site garden to include more beds and orchard space to support the new operation, although the menu is still very much in development. Oh and about that name? Sweet Woodruff is an herb they grow in their garden that looks like this. Lots more detail on the design, menu and such should be surfacing in the coming weeks, especially after the renovations to the space wrap up in mid-December.

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Sweet Woodruff

798 Sutter Street, San Francisco, CA 94109 Visit Website

Sweet Woodruff

798 Sutter St., San Francisco, CA