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People Steal the Potpourri from Lafitte's Bathroom

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Shit People Steal is Eater's ongoing feature about the items in restaurants that have been (or are frequently) stolen.

Lafitte%20Skull.jpgChef Russell Jackson's people write in with some words about the things at Lafitte that turn innocent diners into crooks:

"People gravitate towards taking the skull ornaments from the table, but it’s the bathroom that gets the most ransacked, everything from light bulbs, toilet paper – to potpourri! Russell has a display case with a few pictures and memorabilia in the restroom, and he has had to put a lock on in it (twice!) as people kept stealing things."

Shit People Steal lesson #9: You're behind closed doors in the bathroom, but that doesn't mean it's a virtual freebie mart. Keep the potpourri out of your pockets, people. Just because it smells good, doesn't mean you can have it.

What do shameless diners or passers-by run off with from your restaurant? Email us here with your submission to Shit People Steal.

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