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The Early Word on Cedar Hill in the Marina

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Photo: Eva Frye

During Halloween weekend, Memphis Minnie’s vet Jon Rietz launched Cedar Hill Kitchen & Smokehouse, bringing the barbeque boom to the Marina. Named for Rietz’s family farm, the restaurant offers all the staples of the genre: brisket, ribs, fried chicken, buttermilk pie – you name it. Of course there are the dissenters, who say that San Francisco can't do bbq, and this newcomer has already raised eyebrows among self-proclaimed aficionados. Will Cedar Hill’s smoker convert the skeptics? Read on for a summary of early opinions out there.

The Sauce News: The Chron’s Paolo Lucchesi notes Cedar Hill’s all-over-the-place sauce selection reflects their lack of a specific regional bbq focus: "each table is outfitted with four bottles of sauces, all made in house: Kansas City sauce, Texas red, North Carolina vinegar dip, and a South Carolina mustard sauce.” Yelp’s Andrea G. found the sauces “weak. Definitely weak,” while Simon Y. “loved the choice” . [ISSF, Yelp]

The Decor News: Kara Keaney Events makes mention of the dining room’s “nostalgic family photos, vintage Esso maps, Mason jar chandeliers and other bric-a-brac,” a style described by Sir Lucchesi as “industrial farmhouse.” 7x7 adds that "sliding glass doors and patio seating create a notable connection to the sidewalk." [Kara Keaney Events, ISSF, 7x7]

The Fried Okra News: Yelp/Stephanie v. has strong words about the fried okra: “You haven't lived until you've tried the fried okra. I mean, you could be 95 years old with Death knocking at your door, and you're going to need to say "look, buddy, I've got to try this okra"?Get a plate to share with your new scythe-carrying friend.” [Yelp]

The Service News: An OpenTable reviewer notices proper form for a restaurant in the early-going. When her companion was served undercooked chicken, “both the waitress and cook apologized profusely and comp'd our dessert.” [OpenTable]

The Brisket News: Yelp’s Matt J. claims the brisket “chewed like butter, which is a good thing,” but Urbanspoon's Tom P. counters that the brisket is “good but not great.” [Yelp, Urbanspoon]

The Buttermilk News: Buttermilk abounds on the menu. The Lucchesi notes that the fried chicken is brined in sweet tea and then “soaked in buttermilk for another day.” And one OpenTabler is into the headlining dessert “Don't forget the buttermilk pie?!!!” [ISSF, OpenTable]

The Price News: Patrons can’t seem to agree on the fairness of Cedar Hill’s prices. Writes Yelp’s Andrea G.,“Any place advertising barbeque should give me more than two biscuits for $4. Just sayin'.” Meanwhile, Yelp/Matt J. responds, “?there are three dollar cupcakes just across the street, and yer gonna complain about a 13 dollar BBQ lunch?” [Yelp]
—Kate Garklavs

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Cedar Hill Kitchen + Smokehouse

3242 Scott St, San Francisco, CA

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