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Maven Opens Monday, Gestalt Haus Water Damage, More

THE MISSION - Patrons at Gestalt Haus were forced onto the sidewalk last night by a downpour from the sprinkler system overhead. A false alarm was triggered by SRO occupants on the second floor of the building, drenching the pool tables, the bar and everyone inside. Owner Dan Hawkins says its the tenth time it's happened: “It’s those fucking crackheads again." He goes on, "Between all the water damage, replacing electronic equipment, furniture, and–mainly–the lost income from having to shut down and clean the place, it’s cost me tens of thousands of dollars out of pocket–easily." [Uptown Almanac]

OPENINGS - Over the EaterWire comes news that the Lower Haight's hotly anticipated Maven (598 Haight St.) will open to the public on Monday at 5 p.m. for dinner service. A reminder from the Facebook: "Maven's core is a paired menu, which couples creative cocktails, eclectic wines and international beers." One of the owners, Jay Bordeleau, used to manage Beretta. [EaterWire]

WINE COUNTRY - Late last month, Boisset Family Estates president Jean-Charles Boisset and his wife (and Julio Gallo granddaughter) Gina Gallo bought the Robert Mondavi estate "for something less than the minimum $13.9 million in a sealed-bid auction." It's a big scandal because the sale was supposed to be confidential, but "an overly chatty pool dude may have blown the secret." [SFBT]

HAYES VALLEY - As Hayes Valley Farm's eviction approaches, they'll be selling their "first and last batch of Hayes Valley honey" on Dec. 18 from noon to 4 p.m. It costs $10, but it's your one shot at getting honey made in the nabe. Representative Karen Peteros says they're still looking for a new home. [SFoodie]

FOOD TRUCKS - EBX has a little on the expected food trucks coming to Oakland now that the city is starting to ease up on them. Off the Grid's Matt Cohen says "Old Oakland is attractive, especially near the new popuphood venture at 9th and Broadway;" Bites off Broadway is looking at the intersection of 19th and Harrison and in front of Studio One Arts Center; and Doc's of the Bay prefers to remain mum about future dream spots for now. It's all moving slow, but it's moving. [EBX]

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