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Burger Urge Gets Its 80 Lb. Plastic Burger On, More!

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SIGNAGE CHRONICLES - Today residents of the Upper Haight watched an 80 lb. whopper (and fries!) as it was erected via a material lifter outside Burger Urge on the corner of Haight and Clayton Streets. Nearby shop keepers are already grumbling that it's an "eyesore," but it will no doubt delight some kids of all ages. We're told the gargantuan burger put owner Sam Sirhed back somewhere in the realm of six or seven thousand dollars. It joins other hard-to-miss Haight St. fixtures like the stockinged legs above Haight Ashbury Gift Shop, and the real question is: Will it fill the void left by the very polarizing, very dead Katz bagel alien? [EaterWire, SFist and Uptown Almanac, earlier]

OAKLAND - Via Ms. Hopper, the lastest project from the Brown Sugar Kitchen folks, B Side BBQ is now serving the smoked goods on San Pablo Ave. According to the website, they're operating during limited hours now, and you can take in the full menu of BBQ-ed beef, pork, poultry, seafood, and even tofu right here. [Tablehopper]

WEBSITE OF THE DAY - Here is the website of the day: Where the Fuck Should I Go For Drinks? It pretty much does what it says: It tells you where the fuck to get some fucking drinks using some slick HTML5 Geolocationing. Also, see its wonderfully confrontational Twitter account, @wtfsigfd. [Official Site via Eater National]

TAMALE WIRE - Haighteration says that a new tamale guy called Twisted Tamales will be at 735 Page Street in the Lower Haight on Sunday (10 a.m. to 3 p.m.). Check out their logo of a busty brown cow holding a whip. Whoa. [Facebook, Haighteration]

LISTICLE DEPT. - In honor of last minute holiday shoppers everywhere, Refinery 29 has compiled a handy list of good places to eat around the mall and Union Square. [R29]

Burger Urge

1599 Haight Street, San Francisco, CA

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