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Week in Reviews

Wo%20Hing%20General%20Store%20Reviewed.jpgBauer's third visit to Charles Phan's Wo Hing General Store is a total flop, leading to a 2 star rating—low for a Phan restaurant. The spiced squid "was one of the worst fried dishes I've encountered," and servers were "blissfully oblivious" of any problems. Thankfully earlier visits included "wonderfully chewy house-made wheat noodles" and "a Chez Panisse moment" with some Chinese broccoli. Bauer says, "It leaves me wondering which way the restaurant will turn: Is it simply experiencing a rough start or will it continue to feel like a ship without a rudder?" [Chron]

Wo Hing General Store

548 Valencia Street, San Francisco, CA 94110 415 552 2510 Visit Website