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Marin Alliance Goes Up in Smoke, Mayhem's Ultimate Hangover Brunch Includes Cigarettes

[Mayhem Photo: Gil Riego Jr./SF Weekly]

MISSION -- Thrillist takes a stab at the Ultimate Hangover Brunch at Dr. Teeth and The Electric Mayhem and finds that it comes complete with free cigarettes. It's also going away after January, so the time to attempt some good hangovers to stuff with bacon and egg sliders and jelly donuts is now. The site's Rewards department is offering a special, too. [Thrillist]

BERNAL HEIGHTS -- Bernalwood brings word of a convenient-sounding new spot called Cafeto that serves coffee, sandwiches, and pastries and has free WiFi. It will also soon get outdoor leash hooks for the dog-friendly hood. [Bernalwood]

NORTH BAY -- California's oldest medical marijuana dispensary, Marin Alliance in Fairfax, has quietly shuttered under federal duress. While a sign on the door says that it could reopen in a month or two, The Snitch reports that its operator, Lynette Shaw, appears to have severed her ties. [The Snitch]

FOOD TUBE -- Eater National takes a look at the most popular food videos of the year on YouTube, and isn't surprised to see several wins from the crazy Canadians known as Epic Meal Time. The champion is EMT's TurBacon Epic Thanksgiving, which has been seen 12.6 million times. [~ EN ~]

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