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Super Duper Swells, Lori's Diner Set to Close

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Photo: Tamara Palmer

EXPANSIONWIRE -- Super Duper has finally opened in the old Jack in the Box drive-thru in Mill Valley. For now, you'll have to go inside to eat, but the window should be open for business soon. There's also talk of opening a fourth San Francisco location in the Metreon. [ISSF]

UNION SQUARE -- Lori's Diner is closing on an unspecified date in January, and owner Man J. Kim will open The Golden Gate Grill in the former Press Club. Sadly, Lori's is closing so that Walgreens can expand. [SFGate]

Volunteers fluent in Hindi, Thai, or Lao who can translate ethnic menus are on EBX critic Jesse Hirsch's Christmas wish list. Drop him a line if you fit the bill and want him to feed you on one of his restaurant reviews. [WTF]

THE WOODS -- SF Weekly checks in with Iso Rabins of forageSF, and finds that the Department of Health, having shut down his popular Underground Market events, is now targeting his private Wild Kitchen Dinners. File under developing. [SFW]

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