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Teatro ZinZanni Needs 4M To Stay Alive, and More

Eh, just an average night at Teatro Zinzanni.
Eh, just an average night at Teatro Zinzanni.
Photo: Courtesy of Teatro Zinzanni

THE EMBARCADERO- No one was quite sure where Teatro Zinzanni was going to land after its final show at Pier 29 on New Year's Eve, until now. The Biz Times has discovered it can move to Embarcadero between Broadway and Davis Street. They just have to raise 4M to do so. Somehow, Zinzanni founder Norman Langill sounds hopeful. [SFBT via GrubStreet]

TACO WIRE - Do we have a winner in the Gordo Taqueria family? Sir J. Kauff thinks the one on Clement and 25th is the best. [Twitter]

FOOD TV - Neela Paniz, owner of Neela's in Napa, will be on TV next Tuesday. Specifically, it's an episode of Chopped with Ted Allen. [NVR]

BEER WIRE - Local beer maker masters Pacific Brew Lab will be showin off their latest tonight, tomorrow and the next night at various locations. The full run down is here. [LiveSoma]

OAKLAND - Weed Wars is a brand new reality TV show on The Discovery Channel that's all about the Harborside Health Center in Oakland and the pot dispensary culture it perpetuates. Although most of the early reviews of the show are overwhelming positive, there are dissenters: "Ever been in a room where everyone’s high but you? That’s this show." [EBX]

Teatro ZinZanni

Pier 29 The Embarcadero, San Francisco, CA

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