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Former Oliveto Chef Goes Big in Oakland, Sunset Gets a K.O. Kombo, More!

[Photo: Tamara Palmer]

OAKLAND - PL Smooth teases the first news of a giant new restaurant in the making from Paul Canales, former chef of Oliveto. The yet-to-be-named 80-seater will be in the Art Deco Oakland Floral Depot building and will somehow make use of music and art. Should fit right into a block that also includes Flora, Xolo, Make Westing, Fox Theater, and Rudy's Can't Fail Cafe. [ISSF]

FOOD TRUCKS - Also in the East Bay, What The Fork brings the good news that the Oakland City Council took "baby steps" in its mobile food policy by approving events in Districts 1-4 for the next year and change. There's still more bureaucracy to be waded through, though. [EBX]

HELP WANTED - Zuni Cafe needs a pastry chef, tweets pal David Lebovitz from Paris. Interested sugar genii can email [Twitter]

THE SUNSET - Eater spies with our very own eyes the above sign for K.O. Kombo, a new eatery coming to Irving Street. Since no one is answering the phone number right now, we can only guess what those initials stand for, if not knockout: Korean Offal? Kebab Orgy? [EaterWire]

Zuni Cafe

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