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3605390911_01a7dbdf4e_m.jpgAfter silently tailing Phil West at the SF Ferry Plaza Farmers Market Unterman heads to Range and digs the seamless combinations. "He created a meal of astonishing dishes, starting with scallop crudo — thick rounds of pearly white scallop, toasted pumpkin seeds, batons of Asian pear, little heart-shaped tat-soi leaves, an almost invisible white puree of parsnip, all tied together via the nip and scent of shishito peppers." While cocktails are left out of the review, desserts are praised. Overall the "range" of ingredients at Range makes her swoon, waxing poetic about the irresistible food and sexiness on the tongue. Oh la la! [Examiner]


842 Valencia Street, San Francisco, CA 94110 Visit Website


842 Valencia Street, San Francisco, CA

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