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Parea Wine Bar, Checking Out on Valencia Street

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Busier times at Parea Wine Bar & Cafe.
Busier times at Parea Wine Bar & Cafe.
Photo: Flickr/Arsie Says

It appears as if Greek-themed Parea Wine Bar & Cafe (795 Valencia Street) is headed for closure. Omaha-based Ways & Wines, Inc is entering the space with a secret DBA. Not too surprising when we consider this sort of upscale-ish wine bar was a rarity on Valencia when it opened in 2006 and now with the onslaught of Heart, B3, Sycamore and so many others within walking distance, there's a bit more of a battleground over there. Hopefully these Midwesterers will have something new and exciting up their sleeves. If you know anything, pray, tell . [UPDATE: A chat with current Parea co-owner Helen Yong confirms a new owner, Alexandra Gerteis is purchasing Parea and plans to open a wine bar concept there as well. Wong was not sure if Gerteis would be keeping the Parea name.] [EaterWire]

Parea Wine Bar & Cafe

795 Valencia Street, San Francisco, CA