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Perbacco Chef Staffan Terje Has Had It With Willie Brown

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Yesterday ex-mayor of San Francisco Willie Brown came out with another one of his lovely ditties in the Chron, saying he's not a fan of restaurants who don't seat you at the time of your reservation. Specifically he thinks that after anything more than fifteen minutes, "your meal should be free." Well naturally the commenters are going to town on this one, but we're especially interested in Perbacco executive chef-owner Staffan Terje's response:


"Wow! Is that what my career in this indutry has come to [sic]. Penalties and punishment for restaurant owners and guests? Great idea. This will entice people to go into the restaurant business and people to frequent them. I'll start canning my cooks when they over-cook a steak and we should put all guest who showed up late in stocks on Union Square for public humiliation. No shows will be executed. Listen to your self! Pay somebody's dinner because the reso is late? Do you get free ticket when your flight is delayed? Free doctors visit if the patient before you is taking longer time? You of all should be bridging the gap, not widen it."

So far the ex-mayor has not posted a response to Sir Terje. [EaterWire]


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